Love The Way You Feel!

Physical, Spiritual, & Psychological

All three work together to make you who you are.

They are connected. Although, we don't always feel connected

This is because most of us have blockages that are waiting to be released

When blocked, we feel disconnected with ourselves and with those around us.

We feel as though we have lost control of our Emotions & our Energy levels.

Let's remove these blockages, balance our Body, and feel that connection


The very first step is to recognize the beautiful wrapping of your Body

 Live Life with Love & Mindfulness

Heal & Strengthen

The unwrapping of the Gift isn't always easy.  There may be ribbons tied tightly with what feels like endless layers of tissue paper.  But the experience is colourful, with different textures and patterns. 

You have a Gift waiting to be unwrapped.

This Gift is from your Self, to your Self.  It is your Well-Being.

  Balance your Body



Thursdays 7:00pm-8:15pm

Saturdays 8:45am-10:00am

All Are Welcome

including those with

mild injuries or limitations

Come relax with us!

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Just for fun! No dance

hello body

When you Honour your Self, Miracles Occur.

Healing happens.  Energy releases.  Balance is restored
We can now live in the present moment,

enjoying what is happening right in front of us. 

We start living with purpose.  We feel fulfilled.


experience necessary

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  Be Mindful of your Body's Wisdom


 Feel Connection


Release stress, Balance your Hormones & Emotions, Heal from an injury or illness,

Build strength, Feel present, Increase your Energy, be Happy & Healthy,

Connect with your creative center, Find your passion, Live Life with Love

Whatever your goal may be, we are here to Journey with you!

Love The Way You Feel

Move & Express

using the following 3 key tools

Embraceyour Emotions, Enhanceyour Energy,

Unwrap the Gift of Your Well-Being

Journey to a state of
increased Energy 

We apologize if you come accross any

unfinished page as we develop our website.

We appreciate everyones support and

encouragement as we begin this Journey. 

Thank you & Namaste

 Nourish & Cherish


Honour Your Self

We unwrap with patience, observation, and with Love. 

Say Hello to Your Body.

Keep in mind that your Body is so much more than what you can see

You are

Physical, Spiritual, and Psychological



Discover your Passion, Feel Empowered,

Most of us are blocked from our Spiritual Body.

Our Spiritual Bodyis always trying to communicate with us.

Many of us ignore our own messages, cover up pain, and avoid root causes.

This is when we become tired, sick and unmotivated.

  It is time to Listen & Respond.

Let's give ourselves the Love we deserve

with nutritious food, water, rest, exercise & expression that we enjoy!

Instead of dragging your Body along for the ride. 

Realize you ARE your Body. This is your Journey