Meet Val and Amy 

A Mother and Daughter Team!

200+hr Yoga Teacher.

Currently training in Therapeutic Yoga with

Centered Within Yoga

Musical Theatre Choreographer for

Theatre In The Country


 Cast & Crew Youth Theatre Society

Dance instructor and  dance & tap coach

Kids Yoga, Dance & Singing guest teacher in day cares

  Nutrition, Movement & Meditation to

increase your energy & improve your health...

so you can 

Love The Way You Feel

Val is a Wellness Coach & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Amy is a Yoga Teacher and Dance Instructor

We have combined our passions to create Hello Body

Our goal is to journey with you to a state of increased energy and well-being. 

No matter where you are starting today, let us help you to achieve your health goal(s).

Your goal may be to balance your hormones, increase your energy, heal from an injury or illness, or all of these! 

Whatever it may be, we are here for you! 

We know that each person is an individual, and as such, each person receives exactly

what she or he needs to nourish, heal and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

 I like to think that I dance my way through life.

I have galloped, leaped and tumbled on this journey

that has influenced me to fall in love with

Yoga & Meditation,

Dance & Musical Theatre,

Connecting with people, animals, and nature,

& helping others find their own ways to Love

themselves & their Body

I grew up taking dance classes.

Although I loved to dance, I was never truly happy with the way I danced.

Dance class always left me feeling discouraged and like I wasn't good enough.

When I was 18, I stopped dancing, and started taking Yoga. 

I healed my Body and learned to love myself

After a couple years of practicing Yoga,

I began to bring dance into my Yoga practice.

I had never enjoyed dancing this much.

I felt good about my dancing

I felt confident, strong, myself

When you combine Yoga with Dance,
you dance for how it feels, not for how it looks

you let go of self- judgment and judgment towards others,

you are connected with your Body & Breath

you let the movement flow through you

I knew I wanted to share this with others, so I traveled to Nelson BC

to receive my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in April 2016.

I now find great joy in guiding others in Yoga, Dance, and Self-Expression,



I use to think Dance was just for fun
I now realize how therapeutic it is to self-express, create, and collaborate,
when you are in a non-competitive environment

Val's Story

For many years I struggled with poor health; fatigue, fog brain, constipation, yeast infections and accompanying feelings of low self worth.  What I had was a yeast overgrowth problem, called Candida.  It took a very long time for me to discover that this is what it was, and it also took a long time to heal and recover from this condition. 

What was the most important take-away from my experience is that I am in relationship with my body.  When I was sick, my body was screaming at me to take better care of myself.  My body constantly communicates with me, and I am now smart enough to listen. I now understand how to nourish my body and my mind.; what kinds of foods and drinks make me thrive; what kind of exercise energizes me; and the yoga, sleep and rest that I  need, in order for me to best rejuvenate and restore.

Further to my discovery of the relationship between my body and my mind, was the discovery of my spirit.  After losing my mother to cancer, I started searching for something that would comfort me.  I read books by Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Carolyn Myss, among others.  I started to meditate and I touched base with that part of myself that is connected with everything that is.

Because of my own health turnaround I decided that I wanted to help others do the same.  I was lead to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, where I earned a diploma in Natural Nutrition in 2008.  I started my own nutrition and wellness coaching practice the same year, and have been in practice ever since.

When it became clear that my youngest daughter, Amy, was also drawn to healing and wellness, through her yoga and dance, we decided to combine our efforts and created Hello Body.

I am inspired by Nature, yoga, music, theatre, the wonderful people in my life, red wine and dark chocolate.  I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, with my husband, two adult daughters and one special dog.

Amy's Story

hello body

Love The Way You Feel!

Hello Body in Maple Ridge