We Dance to Celebrate our Body

We focus less on how it looks... and more on the feeling and the experience
This allows us to let go & let the movement flow through us.

Everyone has their own unique way of dancing.
At Hello Body, we encourage you to dance your way

Celebrate your Body

Dance & Movement




Feel the Power of your Breath working with your movements

as you flow through Yoga poses with rhythm 

Let go of stress through

movement and self expression

Connect with your Body

Rejuvenate your Body & Mind

You follow the teacher throughout the class
You only need to remember a few dance steps at a time

​​​We stay mindful of our alignment & foundation throughout the class
 We keep the dancing safe for the body

We stay in-tune with our Body, Breath & Rhythm

We currently don't have any classes

available as our teacheris on maternity leave. 

Thank you for your patience

Increase Energy, Reduces Stress

Release Endorphins

Balance Hormones

Stimulate Lymphatic System

Self Express & Enjoy The Experience

hello body

Love The Way You Feel!