Conditions that can be overcome through

holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes

Start connecting with the people, 

the activities and the work that inspire you,

light you up, and make your soul sing!

 Open the Gift of your Well-Being
Your well-being is a gift that you have the potential to open and enjoy

But so often, we get in our own way of opening it.

Poor lifestyle habits and beliefs act as barriers to our opening of this gift.

I help you open your gift of well-being.  

so you can love the way you feel

Making changes often can be overwhelming.

Working with me provides clarity and direction.

Contact me today and get started on opening your gift of well-being


-frequent yeast/fungus problems
-insomnia/restless sleep
-frequent illness/infections
-poor concentration or memory
-frequent mood swings
-skin/complexion problems
-stomach pain
-joint pain

coaching packages
The coaching packages allow you time and guidance

to easily establish new eating and lifestyle habits. 

Visits are spaced according to your comfort and needs.

Coaching packages start at $320

Contact Val to determine the number of visits

you require, based on your needs and goals.

Hi, I'm Val and I'd like to invite you to join me one-on-one for some nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  Together we can co-create a personalized program specifically for YOU, for you to reach your health and weight management goals, with grace and with ease!

I have discovered that there are simple, daily wellness practices that each of us can greatly benefit from.   Through a focused holistic approach, you are able to arrive at your health and weight management goals.

Want to really take charge of your health and your eating?
Let's create a unique, personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan,

specific to your needs and preferences!

"Your counseling has truly made me see so many areas in my life from a different perspective.  My attitude and knowledge of how to nurture my body with food has had a ripple effect on my outlook of my world.  Thank you for this precious gift, Val.  You are truly a treasure."  

Maggie R., Maple Ridge, BC

One-on-one consulting
For meal planning and general

nutritional information pertaining

to your personal health concerns. 

A consulting session is 90 minutes.

$85 per session

The key to living a long, vital life is the willingness to recognize the magnificent Being that you are.

Nutrition & Nourishment

-high stress lifestyle
-resistance to exercise
-food cravings
-general fatigue or weakness
-difficulties digesting certain foods
-high blood sugar
-insulin resistance
-feeling bloated after heavy meals
-food sensitivities
-burping/gas after meals

-difficulties losing weight

"Thank you for understanding and for believing in me and for helping me to believe in myself/follow my intuition again!  Truthfully I was expecting you to be totally the opposite as that is what I have known in the past and you weren't and it seriously brought tears to my eyes, to experience that level of kindness, gentleness, care and understanding. When you are that way with me I can learn to do like that with myself."  Shelley T., Abbotsford, BC

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Love The Way You Feel!